- businesses and investment properties for sale on the Eastern Seaboard of cambodia , you’ll find hundreds of businesses for sale, including hotels business for sale, apartment business for sale, bars business for sale, restaurants for sale, guesthouses for sale, mini-marts for sale, laundries for sale, massage businesses for sale. So, if you’re looking for a new business opportunity in Cambodia or anywhere up in Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Prey Veng Province
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  About us - Cambodia Business Investments Magazine Business for Sale on line About us

Cambodia Business Investments is one of the leading websites in cambodia for delivering confidential, professional, and comprehensive real estate transaction services. We are committed to servicing the needs of both buyers and sellers of all income levels. Our experienced staff can assist you through the often difficult process of valuing, buying or selling your Business here in Cambodia.

We have long standing relationships with attorneys, Accountants and other buying and selling specialists. If you are a business opportunities owner that is considering selling your business, contact the " team" today to discuss your needs confidentially with a qualified associate.

Our Sellers
Many businesses are for sale at any one time as their owners decide to look for a new business for a number of possible reasons including wanting to move up in size, move down in size, wanting a business closer to the sea or closer to relatives. is an established professional real estate company that markets these properties for the owners.
When a property owner decides to sell, concerns about price, negotiations and confidentiality are paramount. The use of a professional real estate company eliminates these concerns for the seller. The " team" can offer the property to the widest possible market in a professional and confidential manner.  The database on our website is viewed by 10’s of thousands of people per month around the world and continues to be at the top of the rankings of websites selling real estate in Cambodia.

Our Buyers
We treat each buyer with the respect and courtesy they deserve. By engaging the services of, a buyer has access to a very large inventory of houses and condos for sale around the entire area of Cambodia and Jomtien Beach.  In addition, the buyer has access to our network of professionals including attorneys and accountants. We work with the buyer to find the best possible match for their requirements.  Once a property has been chosen the buyer is helped through the process of transferring the property to their name professionally and within the laws of Cambodia. We are there during the whole process from viewing the properties.

Mr. Pakkarasit Kiattipongkul

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